Our Story (Apexx01)

Our journey began with a very common problem: fatigue. In the Western lifestyle, we’re constantly on the go. We juggle demanding jobs, run a family, and have personal responsibilities, all while trying to maintain our health. The pressure to keep up with this relentless pace can be overwhelming, leading many of us to burn out and feel like we’re merely surviving instead of truly living. This constant state of busyness, often combined with stress, left me feeling completely drained, both physically and mentally.

Despite living a healthy lifestyle, I couldn’t shake off the feeling of being constantly worn out. At first I was joking about it. ‘Getting older’ must be it. But working as a freelancer in two different jobs – I’m a performing artist and freelancer marketer – and being the perfectionist that I am, often results in long days of work and training. Fitness and focus are essential for me, but nothing seemed to help me regain my energy and vitality. My exhaustion didn’t just manifest as physical tiredness; it affected my focus, patience, and overall demeanor. I became negative, impatient, and found myself snapping at those around me. It was a frustrating and disheartening experience, to say the least. The Western lifestyle eventually took a toll on me. My battery was simply drained.

Seeking answers, I consulted with several doctors, and finally, one identified deficiencies through a blood test, recommending additional supplements. While I was already taking proteins, occasionally extra magnesium, or a multivitamin, the doctor suggested ingredients that were entirely new to me. This marked the beginning of another common challenge. When I visited the pharmacy, I was confronted with over 100 different supplements. I quickly realized that there wasn’t just one simple vitamin B12, but rather four variations. Which one to choose? And in which dose? And what can I combine? The multitude of supplements, each claiming to address specific needs, left me with more questions than answers.

Determined to find the best possible supplements, I embarked on a journey of self-research. I quickly discovered the inadequacies of many supplements and the lack of an all-in-one solution that truly worked. Eventually, I ended up with 13 different jars to cover all my needs. The good thing was that I found myself back again after a few months, but I kept struggling with the fact that I had to take more than an entire hand full of supplements every day. The inconvenience of multiple bottles and the uncertainty of dosage and effectiveness further fueled my frustration. It became clear that there was a gap in the market for a comprehensive, effective supplement.

Fueled by my curiosity, I just couldn’t understand why there was no such all-in-one supplement. After my research and talking to some health professionals, the answer was finally simple: there’s just no money in making an all-in-one supplement, which is why there are so many separate (and expensive) jars. But just because something doesn’t exist doesn’t mean it’s not possible. I refused to believe that an effective all-in-one supplement was unattainable. So, together with a few other health enthusiasts we started the mission to see what we could do here.

We recognized the necessity of including medical professionals in our team to ensure the development of a safe and effective product. Therefore we seeked (medical) professionals to join our team, bringing invaluable expertise to the table. This took some time, but there it was: The first version of a potent formula specifically designed to enhance mitochondrial functioning—the cornerstone of a healthy life. With the Western lifestyle’s detrimental effects on our mitochondria, compounded by poor food quality and perpetual busyness, it became evident that our focus was exactly where it needed to be.

With an expanded team of health specialists, we dedicated over two years to meticulously testing and refining the formula. The culmination of our efforts was validated by our latest test results, affirming the efficacy of our creation. It was this pivotal moment that emboldened us to unveil our unique innovation to the world: Apexx01.

Apexx01 activates and supports the mitochondria, the small ‘powerhouses’ in our cells responsible for energy production. By optimizing mitochondrial function, we can increase energy levels, enhance mental clarity, and support overall health. Our research shows that both healthy individuals and those with health concerns benefit from using Apexx01.

We believe everyone deserves to feel their best. Therefore, Apexx01 is for anyone looking to support their health. Apexx01 is the result of our passion and dedication to creating a straightforward, no-nonsense nutritional supplement. It was developed out of love, not commerce, to contribute to a healthier and happier life.